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Four people are killed in a saloon hold-up. The townspeople pin the murders on local no-count black sheep Chester Conway. Lawyer Jeff Plummer and prostitute Polly Winters don't believe that Chester is guilty of these crimes, so they hire smooth and suave gunman Silver to prove Chester's innocence and find the real killers.
Gunfighter Silver is hired by a lawyer to prove that his client, Chester Conway, is innocent of the saloon hold-up he's condemned to hang for.
Gianni Garko stars in a slight variation of his Sartana persona (so slight it&#39;s almost non-existent), here named Silver. Or MISTER Silver if you are the unlucky type.<br/><br/>When a the local saloon is robbed, two citizens killed in the process and two of the three gunmen killed by the third partner, the town unanimously decides to pin the rap on the local black sheep (Klaus Kinski in another great performance). The town lawyer will have none of this injustice no matter how much of an SOB the guy is and even the saloon owner who loathes the sight of the man decides to put up money for Silver to find the real killer.<br/><br/>While Silver pieces together clues, the body count piles up and the clock ticks down to the day when the scapegoat will be hanged.<br/><br/>There&#39;s plenty more to the plot with murdered prostitutes, illicit diaries, mad judges, crazy townfolk, hooded killers and such, but I can&#39;t go spoiling it, now can I?<br/><br/>Unfortunately fans of giallos tend not to be interested in Spaghetti Westerns and the other way around as well. It&#39;s too bad, as this may not be any great milestone in either genre it is still very entertaining for what it is and of course you have the always entertaining Garko, Kinski and the ubiquitous Alan Collins to keep things lively on the acting front.<br/><br/>Well worth checking out for the non-purists.
I recently watched this movie because I&#39;m a big Kinski Fan. But, oh my god. Don&#39;t get me wrong. I love this guy. But in this movie his whole acting is just simply a refusal to work! But fortunately he isn&#39;t the only one to blame. First of all the complete storyline is totally weak dealing with a gunmen looking for a murderer while Kinski is stuck up in jail for a crime he did not commit. That&#39;s all. All the dialogs and characters are so bad it&#39;s making you scream. But maybe that&#39;s the fun of it all. If you know the Kinski-Biography it&#39;s obvious that Kinski didn&#39;t care about those movies at all. Especially all his Italo-Western roles. He just took the money and that was It. again, this whole movie is totally weird. Only for hardcore-Fans of the genre.

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