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We begin with Shô Kosugi demonstrating the use of a katana, saying nothing about the film he is introducing. When Gordon is taking his girlfriend's picture in Hong Kong, several Caucasian thugs led by a Chinese man, Kogan, threaten her, so he beats them up. Elsewhere, Bernard Wong pays his workers extra money to continue digging his land after discovering human bones. The thugs are members of the Black Ninja Clan, whose dead are buried on Wong's site. One of their operatives strangles Gordon's girlfriend, believing she knows where Gordon has hidden the Golden Ninja statue that apparently gives him power and won't say, while another hires Ghost Ninja, a beautiful witch dressed in white to kill Wong, his daughter Fanny, her husband George, and her son, Bobo, for three million dollars. Fanny is frightened by a cat in the house upon move-in, and the Black Ninja leader keeps swing her sword to hallucinate frogs jumping to their deaths out of her refrigerator and her soup ladle turning into a flying snake (strung on a wire that is highly visible without pausing despite being a split-second shot). The witch keeps spooking Fanny and Bobo, who insists on riding his bike in the living room, but George doesn't believe either of them. Gordon (sitting in front of a poster of a strangled woman marked "this could happen to you" and another poster of a swimsuit model) responds to their complaints (in shot-reverse shot, as they're obviously not in the same film) and commands Magic Chan, a wizard with a magic mirror he has forgotten, and his obese sidekick, Firecracker, in the same manor, and frequently keeps in touch on the phone after his Caucasian operative living next door, Sara, is murdered by a zombie man. Sometimes he uses a black phone, but more often it is a Garfield phone (which the camera moves and music suggest is supposed to be funny). The Ghost Ninja is more interested in her own desires than killing the family, and masturbates to the couple's lovemaking before spiriting herself into Fanny's vagina (there is no full-frontal nudity) in order to lure George away from her, though she makes him physically ill, as she did to Bobo by stuffing his mouth full of handfuls of grass. The Ghost Ninja, once compelled by the Black Ninja leader, calls upon more women like dressed her, plus one impersonating Bobo's grandmother as a lure for him, and the zombie man, in an all-out assault against the family, while the two bumbling idiots (Firecracker and Magic Chan) are having a drinking contest, and Gordon, in a red ninja suit, who has been offing the Caucasian ninjas, prepares to confront Kogan, the Black Ninja leader.
Sure this movie is terrible and drags a lot during the haunted house scenes but the sheer blatantly awful quality of the film is rather intriguing. The voice dubbing on the family who are living in the house is laughably awful. The film was obviously made with little effort or enthusiasm and the result is pathetic. I love the name of the family&#39;s son: Bobo. That&#39;s right Bobo. What the hell kind of name is Bobo? Have you ever heard of anyone ever being named Bobo? And when the people that provide the voice-overs deliver lines with the name Bobo as if it were a perfectly valid name I couldn&#39;t help but laugh uncontrollably! My favorite line: &quot;Bobo! Don&#39;t tell lies!&quot;<br/><br/>Anyway who cares about the worthless sub plot! This Movie has the word ninja in the title and legendary film maker GODfrey Ho at the helm, so you can expect some pure adrenaline pumping ninja action to kick your ass! <br/><br/>This movie has a fantastic opening where we see Ninja Master Gordon and his woman walking along the waterfront. They are confronted by a group of thugs who look like accountants and one of them boldly proclaims: &quot;someone tells me your a ninja!&quot; Woman: What are they talking about Gordon? Gordon: Nothing dear. just an old fairy tale. Some guy: I know how to find out if your a ninjer or not!&quot; Then Gordon kicks their asses<br/><br/>The fighting is just absurdly bad. Some of the ninja movies i&#39;ve seen have some good fighting in them but this one is bad for the most part because they use these lame overweight accountants in a lot of the action scenes and they don&#39;t know any kung fu at all and pose little threat to the invincible ninja master but There are these two Asian actors in this movie who play as stunt doubles and ninjas in a a few of these movies. I don&#39;t know there names unfortunately but one is the Leader of the golden ninja clan in ninja terminator i think. They luckily add a bit of excitement but the rest of the fighting is just Gordon effortlessly slaughtering the accountants. with the use of suriken, smoke and other amazement.<br/><br/>Fabulous film! I hope someone is transferring these movies to DVD just so they can be purchased or rented. they&#39;re not that easy to find.
Virtuous white ninja Gordon (the ever suave Richard Harrison) vows revenge on the evil Kogan (outrageously overplayed with eye-rolling hammy brio by Tao Chiang) and his no-count squad of nasty black ninjas after they murder his sweet girlfriend Lori (the lovely Maria Francesca in a too brief cameo). Meanwhile, Kogan enlists the aid of a wicked witch to conjure up spirits in order to get a family out of a house on a patch of land with a secret treasure hidden on it. Writer/director Godfrey Ho delivers an undeniably clumsy, incoherent and nonsensical, yet often sidesplitting and hence hugely entertaining blend of martial arts and supernatural elements into a gloriously ludicrous cinematic hodgepodge that comes complete with lousy dubbing, plain cinematography by Raymond Chang, a frantic nonstop pace, hysterically inept fight scenes, some tasty gratuitous female nudity, a smidgen of soft-core sex (a hot amorous ghost lady seduces a guy while he&#39;s sleeping in bed with his wife!), campy bad guys, cheesy (not so) special effects, a funky, syncopated discoid score, and an annoying little boy named Bobo. Moreover, we also get such choice gut-busting moments as a severed head in a basket and the ghost girl masturbating as she watches the guy make love to his wife. Yeah, this flick is by no means a refined work of subtle and sophisticated celluloid art, but it does possess a certain loopy charm and wiggy energy which makes it a lot of fun to watch. A deliciously crummy schlock riot.

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